Sunday, February 1, 2009

[Title of Blog]

Wow, Sheila that's rather egotistical of you to name your blog "Who could ask for anything more?" You must think you're the next thing since sliced bread.

Well gentle reader, I happen to think very highly of sliced bread. Although I was raised with wheat bread, I'm particularly fond of Wonder Bread; non-enriched, bleached flour in all it's glory.

But I digress...

The title of my blog is actually a line from the song "I Got Rhythm" from the musical Crazy for You. The music and lyrics were by George and Ira Gerswhin respectively. The character Polly sings about feeling grateful and content with the simple things. Besides, "I Got Rhythm" is a fantastic example of the horrifying/awesome grammar in the world of musical theatre. In these distressing times with all the economic uncertainty, the war on terror and Britney's comeback tour, I believe that it's more important than ever to be grateful for the little blessings.

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