Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sheila Donovan Inc.

In an effort to graduate in a timely manner (Before 2047) I'm taking summer school and working. (See "Day Job" post) Along with general education requirements, I'm currently enrolled in an Audition Technique class.

This classes is essentially "the business of the business." It covers EVERYTHING. Headshots, resumes, monologue selection, contracts, agents, various markets, housing in those markets etc. Everything and anything you ever wanted to know is in this class. It is fantastic. We spend a large portion of our time workshopping potential monologues. Professor Lance Marsh is a genius. I've learned sooooo much in just a few short weeks and I can't wait to get a chance to do some practical application of my new found skills come auditions this Fall.

One of the main themes of the class is to think of yourself as CEO of your own company, in my case, Sheila Donovan Inc. This way of thinking is pretty rockin' because it puts you in control of your career and your life. Sometimes as a performer I start to believe that I depend solely on other people for the success of my career. On one hand that is true but on the other hand it's a total cop out. I've decided to take the bull by the horns and go out and do what I love best! I recognize that this will take an incredible amount of dedication and patience but I'm determined and excited about this new mindset. It's so easy to slip into the mentality that graduation is years away and to not worry about making a living. I graduate in less than two years and I still have TONS to learn. I'm so grateful that I'm taking this course because it has focused my attention and helped me see where I need to devote my energy and time.

Sheila Donovan Inc. is off and running.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you purchase your stock options now before the price goes up... And by stock options, I mean a Walmart gift card so I can buy groceries this week. It's a small, start up company after all. =)

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